Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Almost That Time!

With the grand opening of our Etsy shop Letters Mingle Souls right around the corner, Robin and I have been super busy working on items to list. The bulk of Robin's time has been spent on the support ribbons we are doing for April, a fellow Swap-Botter. April was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We met April through the wonderful swapping site Swap-Bot. Robin had the wonderful idea of making lime green (the Lymphoma color) ribbons, all proceeds to go to April to help support her through this difficult time. The ribbons have been put on stand-still until the charms that were ordered make their way to Robin's home, there was a slight...or rather long delay in the shipping. She finally received word that the ribbons have been shipped, so as soon as they come in, the ribbons will be in the final step to completion.

I am working with members of Swap-Bot to coordinate an Official Cookbook, all recipes donated by members of the site. The money raised from them will also be given to her to help with all the financial strains that come along with chemotherapy, doctor visits, missing work...etc. The easiest way to track the sales of these items will be through Etsy. Robin and I decided over a month ago to open our own Etsy store, we are both moderately crafty. Thus began the process of picking names, thinking of ways to make the shop look pretty, and hopefully ways to make it a success!

Through the miles and over the phone and Yahoo Messenger, Robin and I have been working together, but separately, to create other things in our Etsy shop to showcase our talents. We are having way too much fun with our Cricut machines, downloading files and brainstorming ideas of things to create!

Please come back very soon to check out some pretty awesome envelopes, paper crafts, and crocheted beauties!

- Blair


  1. Hi! I was going to send a swap-bot message to blair and saw new links on her profile...that led me HERE!

    congrats on starting your shop, I hope it is fun and successful...I also love the colors of the blog and am going now to become a follower!